The Gentleman and the Bog Dog

The molecular structure and build of a Springer Spaniel is one that will attract all kinds of living dead, wet, muddy, inedible, atomic beings know to mankind. 
Living in one of the wettest places in the UK has it's bonuses, Keswick is very dog friendly, we have amazing landscapes, waterfalls, lakes and tarns. It also houses mud, bogs, water and rain, lots and lots of rain.

Max is the perfect gentleman when it comes to walking. He will sidestep a muddy puddle getting a 'perfect ten' from any Strictly' judge. Paddy will make a point of heading through it, then back again just in case he missed a bit and repeat if necessary. 
Max will step over a stream like a Chamois goat, Paddy will run down the stream then run back up with his head under water, heading off in the direction of the nearest bog to immerse himself in well rotted wet vegetation. Max will quietly wander through woodland paths taking in natures scents, Paddy will be running rip collecting as much wildlife and fauna his fur could physically carry. Is the picture painted yet?

We get lots of rain in the lakes and I can get through three 'waterproof' jackets a day on rotation trying to keep dry when out walking, it can be pretty miserable. I'm pretty certain that the dogs although loving water do get fed up with the cold muddy wet weather. If anyone says that dogs don't feel cold like we do,  just try and get near our log burner at night! 

Yes our dogs wear jackets just as we do, waterproof ones and insulated ones. Yesterday 'Deidre' came calling and gave us one of the coldest wet days we've had this year. It was Baltic.
When the dogs have jackets on they are warmer, protected from the elements and it lessons the impact on your ears when you get home. The calls of 'Don't get the dogs wet' 'I've just hoovered that' 'It's okay I've not put the hoover away yet' 'I've just washed the floor' 'Not on the sofa' 'Yes Paddy I love you too but get off my head' all these calls, although still there, may just start to reduce in frequency and perhaps volume?

I bought a Ruffwear lead some nine years ago. it was in a sale and reduced to £17. It was the first lead I bought to walk Max, a big investment at the time considering he wasn't my dog then. We had to say goodbye to that lead last year, not through malfunction but sadly through the onslaught of Paddy's teeth chewing through it. It was a dark day having to part with it, much like saying goodbye to your old favourite shoes. Since then we have used many Ruffwear items. 
Harnesses are great on the hills to help the dogs up scrambles as well as securing them in the Woofsporter a harness also helps when lifting them in and out of cars, it was a god send after Max's operation.
In wet weather the Vert rain jacket is awesome, keeping the main body and chest area warm dry and protected. We love the Cloudchaser jacket too. Paddy can testify to stands up to some extra tough testing! It's soft-shell design hugs the (dogs) body and is wind a waterproof and is probably the most used item when up in the fells for us.

We don't use these items as vanity but practicality and to maintain the dogs health and well being.
All the Ruffwear items have low light reflective strips which is a must on these darker days. 
The jackets are easy to wash and all are quick drying, I tend to carry them in my camera rucksack at all times just in case the weather does turn.

Most important is that the dogs look happier to be protected and can stay out longer, the Woofsporter is cleaner and home life is easier, Paddy's fur is more or less vegetation free, just need something for the ears and tail?

It's a Win win win  situation.

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