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Forever Max: The lasting adventures of the world's most loved dog

By Kerry Irving

On Sale: April 11, 2024
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The heartwarming, inspiring final chapter in the life of Max the Miracle dog

Forever Max The lasting adventures of the worlds most loved dog 9780008645045

A dog can be more than just a best friend.

Sometimes they can be our hero.

Shortly after a traumatic car accident, Kerry Irving met Max, a Springer Spaniel who completely changed his life. But Max didn’t stop there. For over ten years, he was a source of inspiration to countless others around the world, with hundreds of thousands of pounds being raised in his name. His was truly a life well lived.

Forever Max sees Kerry and his trusted companion take on their final adventures around the Lake District, from providing joy to those stuck inside through lockdown to adjusting to Max’s twilight years – helped along every step of the way by fellow spaniels Paddy and Harry.

Following on from the bestseller Max the Miracle Dog, this touching tribute celebrates a much-loved, much-missed dog and his incredible legacy.

They walk beside us when we are beside ourselves

Max - PDSA Order of Merit

English Springer Spaniel Max received the PDSA Order of Merit in February 2021 for providing comfort and support to thousands of people worldwide.

The PDSA Order of Merit is known as the animals’ OBE. It recognises animals that display outstanding devotion to their owner or wider society, above and beyond companionship.

Thirteen-year-old Max is the first ever pet to receive the PDSA Order of Merit since its inception in 2014. Watch his inspiring story:

Max the life saving dog Read Max's incredible true story

Sunday Times Number 3 best seller!

It’s 'just a dog' you’ll hear them say.

Max is much more than ‘just a dog’. In fact if truth be told, you wouldn’t be reading this right now if not for Max

You see he saved me from an illness that unwittingly brought me anxiety, panic attacks, an incredible guilt complex, sleep deprivation, the feeling of being worthless, to being an unwanted burden, the loss of friends and of all my confidence
It was an illness that put me in a downward spiral, very near to the edge of ending it all.

Max gave me back my self esteem, brought me a brighter future, introduced me to a new thought process. He gave me the will to see in the next day, the next week, the next month. He gave me hope, showing me the freedom of being outside once again, walked patiently beside me and helped conquer my fears, diverting my darkest thoughts to a much better and happier healthier place.

Writing this book may go a little way to repaying Max, but the debt is much larger than that. Max showed me the very essence of a true companionship. Max helped me win my personal battle with depression. He's my miracle dog.

Ours is a story that deserves to be heard so others may find a common ground, a new friendship, their own reason to smile again, their voice and just possibly the courage to look for help in their greatest time of need.

'Are you ready, Max? If anyone’s going to help me do this, it’s you.’

This our journey, this is Max the Miracle dog. 

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Max Out in the Lake District  

Max is our English Spaniel, the Canine Ambassador to Keswick the jewel in the crown for the beautiful Lake District.

Max was joined by Paddy (another English Springer Spaniel) in April 2017, Paddy (KC Reg Paddy Legend of The Lakes) is a beautiful but mischievous character. Full of life and trouble, he has one speed, 100mph!  Harry came along to the party in January 2019. Harry (KC reg Prince Harry of Winter Fells) Harry is Paddy's full brother. Harry is a big but very gentle pup. He's very caring and loves swimming!

Our dogs live life to the full and you can follow our daily photographic adventures on Facebook and Instagram, search for Max and Paddy out in the Lake District.

Max and Paddy raise funds through charity walks, to date we've helped raise over £200,00.00 for various charities. Have a look on our Facebook page for details, the walks tend to be around two hours long and are family and dog friendly (unless stated) . Why not join us next time?

Some charities we support are 

The Great North Air Ambulance Service

Fix the Fells who protect and maintain the erosion of upland footpaths throughout the Lake District