As all dog owners know, the food we feed our favourite four legged friends is a key part of their health and quality of life. I've been taking my time over the last few months in finding some new food for Max, Paddy and Harry and made the decision to move them over to Pooch & Mutt. Their products are dedicated to ensuring all dogs can gain their nutritional needs from their food and their range includes all-round nutritional foods to some of the leading products. 

I also really like how they formulate specialist products based on a dog's life stage from puppy to senior or to target specific health conditions, from anxiety to joint care. 

If you want to know more more about their products head  click the picture above and feel free to use our MAX25 discount for 25% off the range of feeds and treats

Mini Bone Dog Treats

Every dog deserves a treat and these are ideal for training and just because you love your dog!Click on the image below and dont forget to use our discount code MAX25 for a 25% discount on your order.

Dark House Coffee Roasters

Nothing quite beats the smell of roasting coffee beans especially when its from our neighbours at Sunset Hill
I love coffee in the morning and Dark House is one that really hits the spot. Dark House are 'Direct trade' which means they buy direct from the coffee plantation, no middle man. check out their website and give it a go, we love it! You can also use our code MAXPADDYANDHARRY for 15% discount at checkout.

Herdy Heroes

The Herdy Heroes special edition charity fundraiser Tea Towel featuring Max, Paddy and Harry  (not to mention myself and Angela too) after we were nominated by our local community is hoping to raise £20,000 by Christmas

2020. Here’s the link to find out more

Smidge Up!

Developed and tested in Scotland by midge experts, Smidge is DEET-free and scientifically proven to provide instant, sweat-proof protection against midges, ticks and mosquitoes for up to 8 hours. 
Smidge is also safe to use on pregnant women and children over 2 years. 

We love the handiness of the wipes and spray and never leave home without it!

Order yours now click the image above use the discount code “MAX” for 10% off!"