Moo Brew Speciality Coffee 225g pack


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Now I love a brew and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes for nearly two months of roasting, blending testing and tasting. And finally I’m proud to say it’s job done! 

We’re proud to present to you our own fresh roasted coffee, its the brew for the view with Moo 2 

A subtle blend of direct trade Brazilian coffee beans lovingly blended and roasted at Sunset Hill, Keswick by Dark House Coffee Roasters.

Available in 
  • Whole bean 
  • Fresh ground
So what’s in your Moo Brew?
Type: Coffee Blend
Origin: Alta Mogiana, Brazil
Processing: Natural, sun dried, 30 days resting period Altitude: 1270masl
Farms: Bom Jesus and Sao Lucas

Moo Brew blend is taking the best of two great Brazilian coffees and mixing it together, giving a nice clean cup with smooth full creamy body and caramel finish. As the coffee cools down, milky and brown sugar notes and light acidity.

About the farms:
Fazenda Sao Lucas
Farmed by the sixth generation of coffee growers. Lucas Lancha de Oliveira opted to follow in his parents’ footsteps studying agriculture and becoming an agronomist. This experience proved of great value to the family business. Lucas also served in the Brazilian armed forces.
In many ways Sao Lucas is a unique Coffee Farm. Lucas brought the dynamism of his military service and combined that with the knowledge gained from his studies which contributed greatly towards the unique chocolate, cocoa and milky qualities in his coffee, making it remarkable and distinct.
Fazenda Bom Jesus is the work of the couple Gabriel and Flavia Lancha Oliveira. With a long heritage in coffee culture both are grandchildren of coffee producers. They themselves passed their love and care on to their sons, Lucas and Gabriel junior who are also dedicated full-time to the farm. In 1984 they formed The Labareda Group, diversifying into various rural activities although coffee is still the most foremost in family hearts and indeed remains their main crop. Fazenda Bom Jesus is located in Cristais Paulistas