Enamel Travel Mug #BeMoreSpaniel


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Enamel White Travel Mug

Wherever your paws take you make sure you take your mug with you for the all important brew with a view!
These mugs are made from high quality iron with ceramic enamel coating, rust free and non toxic substance .
  • Bright white enamel, smooth silver rim with no burrs,
  • Nice and comfy to hold your brew in and  
  • Easy clean, hand wash recommended
  • #BeMoreSpaniel logo 
  • Capacity approx. 300ml
Product reviews

Bought two of these. Great size, perfect for taking out and about and just the thing for a brew! A*******

I have used enamel mugs since I started camping many years ago. The new ones from the Pawstore are a delight to carry in the car, in my rucksack and in the house as well as gifting to friends. The Max design reminds everyone just what a dog can do for the owners and friends or those that meet and greet whilst walking.
A certainty for young folk as well as no breakage and longevity of use.
Please advise your supplier that they are 5star and ideal for everyone to have and use with their MaxiMoo coffee

I ordered two mugs as the ones we had before were now chipped and the enamel was flaking. The first thing you notice is the quality and evenness of the enamel, it is a beautiful white and flawless coating and the printing is just as you’d expect. The main thing is the size, it is just the right volume. Our older mugs were huge and almost buckets but the Max ones are the ideal size for travelling refreshment.
We love them