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Dog Friendly Pub Walks in the Lake District


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Dog Friendly Pub Walks in the Lake District book

Stunning Walks in the Lake District National Park

The Dog Friendly Pub Walks in the Lake District book is one of four books we have published in the beautiful Lake district. This book has over a hundred stunning photos set in the beautiful Lake District National Park. The information is concise and easy to read. No stiles for your dogs to jump and every effort has been made to ensure safety. Local facilities are included and any dog friendly aspects of the walks are featured.

Best of the Best

The Dog Friendly Pub Walks in the Lake District book covers the best dog walks the region has to offer. The walks include lakeside walks, forest walks, country parks and walks in the open countryside. Something for everyone. A variety of locations and environments means you can plan a quick one hour walk or a beautiful full day of walking.

Packed Full of Inspiration

Each walk is individually graded and mapped out nice and simply. The routes are set with three or four main points to look out for. We have designed our guide to inspire you to go out there and enjoy the beauty of the countryside with your dog/s. Whether you like a peaceful walk on your own, sharing with a friend or two, or going out as a family - this book is for you.

Easy Maps and Graded Walks

The Dog Friendly Tea Rooms & Cafe Walks in the Lake District book has easy to follow maps throughout. The walks are graded as well. If you fancy as smaller walk it's catered for. Or if you prefer more of a challenge there are several walks that will give you a good day out. Something for everyone. If you are relatively new to walking in the countryside this guide gives a helping hand. If you venture to all the walks in this book, we believe you (and your four-legged companions) will have seen some of the most stunning places in the Lake District region.

sample map of a walk around Mary Mount Hotel

With Your Dog in Mind

This Dog Friendly Pub Walks in the Lake District book highlights any possible waterholes for your dogs. Areas where leads are needed are also highlighted throughout the book. Any potential hazards such as livestock, roads or private land are also mentioned. The aim is to give you a wonderful experience and hopefully you will discover a variety of walks to enjoy many times over...and of course your furry friend will too.

Dogs love being in the countryside as much as we do. Sometimes dogs get a bad press and sometimes this may be due to irresponsible owners. But we don't believe that this represents the vast majority of dog owners or dogs themselves. The Dog Friendly Pub Walks in the Lake District book gives basic guidelines to potential situations we may find ourselves in when walking our dogs in the countryside. We don't try to patronise or claim to have all the definitive rules. We just give some good guidelines to encourage safety and good relations with those that live and work in the countryside.

Walking Your Dog in the Lake District National Park

The walks included in this book are all designed so that you and your wet-nosed friend have a really enjoyable time. Where there are stiles, they are specially designed with lift gates for dogs. At a quick glance, there is information at the beginning of each walk to tell you what to expect and what you may need to take with you. The descriptive guides will also warn of any roads ahead or areas of livestock so that you can get your dog on the lead well in advance.

Dogs just love to explore new places. They really enjoy the new smells and carry themselves a little higher with the added excitement. Going to new places gets you and your dog out and about, meeting new people and their dogs. It is important to socialise dogs, as they will be more likely to act in a friendly manner towards other dogs as they gain confidence. The stunning pictures in this book are just a taster of what you can see along the way. Many of the walks have fantastic views and scenery. Some of the walks are wooded, offering shade on those hot summer days. The walks are graded Easy, Medium and Challenging. They are all around one to three hours long, depending on your and your dog’s pace. You may start with the easy ones and work up to the challenging walks depending on your and your dog’s fitness. Different dog breeds and dog age must be taken into account when you decide which walks to do. Different breeds of dog have different levels of fitness. For example, bulldogs can only do short walks whereas a border collie or a springer spaniel are extremely energetic and difficult to tire out. It is recommended that you do some research on the breed of dog that you own to get to know what sort of exercise that they require.

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