450g Harry BedNap Decaf


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Harry Bed Nap decaffeinated coffee 450g 

If like me you can’t drink caffeine after a certain time this could be for you! And since Harry was a pup he's always taken himself off to bed for a little nap. Hence the name Harry Bed Nap! Now I'm not saying this coffee will help you sleep but its start in reducing your caffeine

Sierra Mazateca Decaf 
Origin: Sierra Mazteca, Oaxaca, Mexico
Importer: Rawmaterial
Variety: Typica, Mundo Novo, Bourbon
Processing: Mountain Water Decaf
Tasting notes: Mandarin, Baked Apple, Caramel

About Sierra Mazateca and Oaxaca
From afar, Mexico is a growing economic force, ranked 64th globally in GDP per capita. However, the coffee-producing states in southern Mexico face a very different economic reality. Oaxaca and Chiapas are the two poorest states in Mexico, with poverty rates of 60-80% and extreme poverty rates of 20-40%
Production yields have become dangerously low in these regions. Over the last ten years, coffee leaf rust disease and the lack of financial or agricultural means to tackle it has reduced production by up to 90% in some regions. The average yield in Oaxaca is now just 100kg of parchment per hectare.
The vast majority of Mexico’s 500,000 coffee producers are smallholder farmers growing coffee on one hectare or less. The average annual production for many producers is just 100kg. Coffee farming is becoming more and more unsustainable. This is fuelling widespread migration to urban centres in Mexico and the United States. In short, coffee production is disappearing.
We work with several communities in Oaxaca.
Currently, there is little support or formal coffee infrastructure in Oaxaca; Farms are isolated and widespread, and access to finance and agricultural inputs is extremely limited. Because of this, production yields are some of the lowest in Mexico.
Our long term focus is on improving yields and production.