Welcome to our most frequently asked questions, you may find most of your answers here:

What camera equipment do you use?  My main camera is a Canon EOS 5D MK4 with various Canon L series lenses. My favourite and probably most used lens the the 16-35mm f2.8. I also like using flash to 'freeze' the action. I also use an iPhone and Gopro for the underwater shots.

What pet insurance do you have and why?  We are great supporters of the PDSA and they are one of our chosen charities that we fund raise for with our charity walks.
When Harry was offered the position of Ambassador for  the PDSA Pet Insurance we jumped at the chance.  Dogs do get ill and veterinary treatment can be very expensive and we chose 'The PDSA Ultimate policy' that would give a high standard of cover, not just in case Harry gets ill but more increasingly with liability cover in case he causes damage to property etc. Also we factored in that our money goes towards helping vets save pets!
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