Wind, gone but never forgotten


Paddy's growth continues to amaze us as does his never ending appetite for destruction of squeaky toys and assorted footwear. This week the second squeaky pig ended up in wheelie bin heaven, as did the tennis ball tug on a rope, four freshly peeled tennis balls, another burst rabbit hopped in too and my wife's good pair (I say good she has very few left) of UGG slippers were very kindly left a lot lighter, with a quick re design of the heel and strangley soggier earlier this week. Strange teeth marks and saliva gave the game away as to whom and what had attacked them, the trial continues, it’s a ‘Paddy plead guilty’ case for sure. 

We weigh Paddy every Tuesday, he was born on a Tuesday and as his lovely breeders did the same so we continue. Actually, it's a great way of monitoring his growth progress and gets him used to going to the vets for his weekly weigh in. I must just say Max hates the vets. Hate is a strong word. but he really hates them.

Paddy is going to be a big boy and you know you have a big Springer when even the receptionist at the vets says 'Oh my how big is he, just what are you feeding him'.  I feel like saying 'I know, I have all over body bruising which will back just how big and active he is”. Paddy is now 21.1kg at 7.5 months and taller than Max who weighs in at 23.5kgs. I wonder when he'll stop growing? Some say a year some say 18 months. We had a comment this week from a bemused passer by 'He's a big lad what's he crossed with a Great Dane" Cheek, he's a true Springer we breed them big up North don't ya know! 

 A delicate subject arises literally speaking, as I'm going to write about dog food and the deposits our wonderful canine friends very kindly leave us to deal with so please be aware! 

Now us dog people being knowledgeable and friendly folk will all nod agreeably to the fact that dogs do get wind and this wind can be very, can we say pungent almost bordering on extremely deadly at times?  

We had been feeding Max on what we thought was a good dog quality dog food but felt he needed more. To be fair all this feed did was increase the capacity boost of his air tanks and boy they were full.  Bless him his emergency release valve would inadvertently vent a noxious gas at the worst possible time (you follow me here right?). In company was always a favourite of his, when everyone looks guiltily at each other, blushing profusley but then deciding with relief it must the dog. This act would normally take place in front of guests or whilst you were eating in a packed cafe or worse whilst driving in the van. I recollect one day he did let a little parp go in the van and I swear he looked at me and actually winked, such confidence has he I can only dream of.

Needless to say no matter where the offence takes place the fumes will always be spread by an eagerly wagging tail Spaniel tail and boy can those tails wag, eagerly wafting and so spreading the evil mist to the furthest reach of the known universe, humans eyes will water and the enamel of their teeth will peel off, you just have to get away, windows door flung open! Some risk thier lives by lighting a match to get rid of the smell. Beware this gas his highly flamable and could inadvertently wipe out a small town if not careful.

But it's the way they look at you after the deed is done, its the look of pure love and innocence. You know that look. And lets be honest we deserve that look. How many of us do actually blame the dog? Be honest now….

Dog owners around the globe are nodding profusely saying 'Mine does it all the time we feel and smell your pain".

Now along with wind came the the other ‘deposits’ shall we say? 

Buying a 150 box of dog poo bags would give you the added comfort and confidence of knowing your dogs 'actions' will be picked up. I kid you not six to eight bags a day was the norm. I've never seen any dog poo factory in full production like this. It was incredible, no overtime limits here! We needed change and fast!

Max's diet was changed to the Acana Heritage Cobb Chicken and Greens back in January. He loves it.  I'm pleased to report that his windy actions are now very few and far between. Bring out the band I cry but leave the wind section on the bus.

Within days of changing his diet his 'rear gunner' ceased to fire and his banking deposits reduced dramatically, as I say its a delicate subject and we’ve covered it, we even started to save on poo bags, hurrah! 

Max's coat changed too, something a lot of people comment on is how soft and glossy it is and he certainly acts and looks much better on this diet and in real money it’s not expensive because you don't feed as much. The town is safe and our house smells better, well apart from the smell of wet dog etc

So its a case of less in less out so to speak, poo bags will prove it!