Welome to Keswick!

All very exciting getting a puppy, but make no bones about it, they are hard work and I cannot stress enough very time consuming!

We introduced Harry to Max and Paddy over a course of three weeks and they seemed to get on very well. To be honest Max was more interested in his stick and Paddy just wanted his ball. Puppy what Puppy?
We picked Harry up a day earlier than expected, he was due for collection today (Saturday) but our local vets are closed so would mean driving him another 40 minute round trip from collection point.

Harry is quite a strong willed pup as was Paddy (brothers eh?) carrying him around he soon lets you know that he would very much like to be on the ground chasing Max and Paddy as fast as his rubbery out of control legs will take him. Strangely enough both Angela and I both agree that his paws seemed to grow somewhat alarmingly overnight. He may be big. He loves his food by the way. We'll be weighing him weekly and giving updates shortly.

Harry had a few jaunts out yesterday to very quiet places, we are lucky to be able to do this, so although in various photos it may look as through he's conquered Helvellyn, he's actually walking very little.  If you would like to apply to Carry Harry now's the time to do it, at just under 5kg it's just about right. We are driving him to various places and giving him five of minutes running around and then he's back up wrapped in a blanket (it's wet today!) In a day or two he will be carried in a large messenger bag as he's a chunky boy and will soon really start to put the pounds on. What a difference 12 hours makes in a puppies life, the confidence Harry has gained is incredible aslo the amount of naughty spots appearing on his legs!

The boys sleep in my office and they had an hour in it yesterday after our brief outdoor session with Harry, all good. We then put the boys to bed around 10pm last night, fearing being run out of the neighbourhood for noise abatement.  Not a squeak from the pup. Some light tapping sounds woke me at 2.30am. At first I thought it was Max using his morse code skills looking for an escape, expecting and fearing the worst I opened to door to see all the dogs in their own beds, Harry playing with a teething toy, tapping it on the floor happy as anything. The only noise emitted due to the pups arrival was around 4.30am this morning after he had decided slippers are better removed from feet and big toes need piercing with piranha like teeth . It's nearly as painful as standing on Lego.

The photos show are not staged in anyway, Harry seem's to be quite adventurous, so if he's on a rock or tree stump it's because he got there himself. I'm often asked how we get the dogs to sit and stay still so I thought as Harry develops, I''ll share his my training technique with you. He doesn't know it yet but his training has already begun....... Jedi Max'ter is already on the case!