We need your help!

Would you like to be part of something truly incredible? This project is going to be the biggest thing we’ve ever done and probably won’t be able to achieve again.

Max really needs your help and support on this one! It’s going to be massive!

We all know the benefits that our pets give us in love, fun and companionship. We want to highlight the health benefits that pets can help with our mental health, combating loneliness, lifting our spirits on a daily basis, we want to show the ‘special bond’ that develops between humans and animals.

I’m so proud of the Miracle Dog that came into my life a helped save me from depression and I know he’s saved many others from all backgrounds and walks of life all around the world. Max makes people smile and we’re looking for volunteers to help us showcase his very special talent. We get hundreds of messages saying thank you to Max for helping in all situations and most start with:-

Max is special because he helped me when....

Max helped me through depression....

Max makes me smile.....

Max lifts my spirits on the darkest days....

Max helps calm my father who has Alzheimer’s

Max helps with my loneliness...

We need to capture these moments on a short video, no longer than 20 seconds and sent via WhatsApp to this number

07930 359323

by submitting your video so you’ll be giving us permission to show these videos to a much bigger audience. This number is only for use in this project so please don’t phone as there will be no answer.

We don’t need names or addresses

Hopefully in February we’ll be able to show you the finished results of this truly amazing project.

Thank you all so much.