We are looking for accommodation for two well behaved dogs........

So we decided we needed a break before Christmas as I've not been away since August last year. I know it looks like everyday is a holiday when you live in the Lake District, even more strange is that decided to take a break here too! I had a message the other day saying 'You don't go far for your holidays" Truth be told when you live in an amazing place, its very hard to find something to equal or better than what's right on your doorstep.

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We found (more guided really) a lovely cottage in Coniston through Lakelovers and they did us proud. A couple of stipulations from us. Must have parking. Must be centrally located.
The good thing as well is Lakelovers don't charge extra for dogs. It' pays to check!
Just one slight little concern I had after the initial booking. We have a Paddy. I confess to sometimes getting quite anxious (similar to anxiety caused whilst queuing at a buffet and someone in front of is going to grab the last portion of cheesecake, have you met my sister in law?)
So I'm thinking about the pup eating part or most of the holiday home and just how much record breaking deposit would it (or Paddy) cost me? Max is amazing, take him anywhere and he's cool.

Paddy has never been on holiday, never spent the night away from home. The clock was and my pulse was ticking ever louder and faster..

Admittedly I've not spent much time in Coniston or the surrounding area even then it's always been work related. I think it was thirty years ago when I parked up there and only because we got lost and then  latterly for short walk, it's incredible as you grow older you start to appreciate the scenery and the place you live more?
Those with dogs will understand just how much doggy stuff you need to take when going on holiday, much like packing children away, dogs beds, drying jackets, warm jackets, feed bowls, water bowls, bags of feed, leads poo bags, Paddy proof toys, straight jacket, valium for me and so on....I had a carrier bag for all my clothes. My van has a calming effect on our boys, once in they just go to sleep, it's like they know there's a big adventure coming their way, so it's the definitely as case of calm before the storm. con 1jpg
We arrived in Coniston early Friday morning some forty minutes later, (yes it's long haul from Keswick)  The Old Man of Coniston was in sight and catch to the sunrise was the goal. I'm sat looking at this amazing vista, its 7.30am having driven up to the Lake District National Park car park it's currently free parking but get there early! Driving up to the car park saves quite a big hill too.
I open the van door and Paddy is on the summit before I've fastened my boots, Max sits patiently by my feet tutting away, shaking his wise head in despair. Paddy decides to come back down and check my pocket for treats then off we go. Paddy summits again solo, we've done two hundred meters at this point. and on it went. I think my mileage for the morning was around 8 miles. Max slightly ahead at 9.1 and Paddy coming in a steady 74.9 miles. Well he's just ten months old so we're holding him back........(i'm joking of course!) The whole  weekend was very much like this.

Old Man of Coniston 1jpg
Now I like walking the hills early as when you descend you can smugly smile at those just setting off. And at this point I'm now not far from my salvation (warmth and a brew) at our holiday cottage.

Rose Cottage sits bang in the middle of the village and it has parking for two cars and close to the pubs and shops. It's easy to find as it acros the road from the BP garage, very handy when you need to buy milk etc. The Cottage is mix of old and new, the first thing you notice is it's warm and cosy It's also very clean. It's very well equipped, maps on the entrance hall are great and even more maps to plot your days in the sitting room. Funny how wives check bathrooms, bedrooms kitchens while we men run to the TV, log burners and check for boys toys....

The cottage has two double and a twin bedroom and plenty, bathroom wc, shower room wc (great walk in power shower) and downstairs wc. The kitchen has everything you need, plenty of hot water and even dogs bowls.
You can see more information regarding the cottage by clicking here https://www.lakelovers.co.uk/property/rose-cottage-coniston/?ns=1&sb=false&location=CON&...

Unbelievably the sun shone for ,most of the three days we were there. Our cottage gave us walking distance to Coniston Water, Monks Coniston walk up to Tarn Hows is a must, so many grey squirrels. If walking is your thing go to Coniston. If you have children or and dogs they will love it.
The question is I hear you cry, what did Paddy destroy? Well actually (surprisingly) nothing. The dogs slept downstairs in the entrance hall, it has stone flags down but toasty warm night storage heaters. Beds put down, heads down, door closed and not a peep until next morning. They were zonked.

The log burner in the living room warmed us through, not that we could actually get near it with two sumo wrestling dogs taking control. Its incredible as to how close a dog can sit by a fire.
They loved it. 

log burnerjpgcon 2jpg
As for eating out the cottage is so near the pubs you could shout your order over the fence. We ate lunch at Brantwood - The Terrace Coffee house and restaurant (Dog friendly and a log burner!) The food here was really quite excellent and the staff are very friendly, unfortunately we didn't get their names but on their recommendation we went to Yewdale Restaurant for dinner in the village, its actually a stones throw from the cottage. This too caters for humans with dogs but be warned you may need to book in advance as dog friendly tables go quick!. Again the food was excellent.

So we had a great time., more importantly the dogs loved it. They slept most of Monday.
Even the weather was on our side. Would I recommend Coniston? Definitely, it's a great place to visit and explore the Southern Lake District. If you've never been you'll love it.
So many walks for all ages and abilities. Great views and a fantastic cottage.

Woof rating of five barks