Satterthwaite and Spaniels

Writing this we have storm Diane bashing away outside the house and the fresh smell of damp dogs at my feet, holiday memories fading quicker than one of Paddy's toys yet it's just two weeks since we went away. I'm bored and have cabin fever.

I recently got a comment from someone saying 'You don't go far for your holidays do you'? Truth is no we don't. The South Lakes is an area I've never spent much time in, driven through it many a time but never really stopped to explore it. There is so much to see in the Lake District, you could do a different walk everyday and still find yourself in a new place. The Lakes in Autumn or Spring is best, the colours, sunrises and sunsets and empty trails!

This year after a hectic summer, we just wanted somewhere quiet, a place to relax unwind and obviously somewhere that the dogs are welcome (and children) and of course safe. 
Satterthwaite Farmhouse is just a mile or two from Hawkshead, right on the doorstep of Grizedale Forest and for those that don't know or are interested in statistics it's huge. It would take a lifetime even for Paddy to go around and sniff and mark each individual tree even at his speed.
Our cottage actually sleeps eight humans and well behaved dogs (like Paddy) are most welcome, there was a dog mat in the kitchen and even a tin of dog treats waiting on the table. Also on the table were a tin of crispy cakes and Max's favorite, lemon cake. Let the holidays begin. Food is calorie free when on holiday right? The cottage has a very warm homely feel, to be honest it's not often I'd stay in the same place twice but I definitely would here. It's so peaceful.

From the front door you can walk into the forest, it's that easy. (you can also walk to the village pub) There's an art trail you can follow, the full circuit is around ten miles but this can be broken up into sections, best to get a map from Grizedale Visitor Centre study it hard look for sign posts and landmarks get lost like we did. I love Grizedale, being in the woods with the dogs is heaven, you can feel yourself de stressing. The views from the top of the forest are quite spectacular.  There's some great mountain Bike Trails and most of the footpaths and bike trails are separate. (dog friendly!) It's well worth a visit.

Coniston is 20 minutes away, The Old Man is a great walk, amazing views and if your into mining get up there it's steeped in history. The tarn is ideal for a well placed dive for your four legged friends. It's around 3.5 miles. Park at the Walna Scar road car park, get there early as it gets very busy! We also headed up to Hodge Close, some great walks including Cathedral Caves and the old Slater's bridge is a must see.
Torver Common is also ideal for paths less trodden and your reward for a ten minute hike are stunning views of Coniston Lake. Tarn Hows is a great family walk, there is livestock around so dogs have to be on leads watching the sunset from here is quite magical.

For lunch try The Terrace at Brantwood
They do amazing sausage rolls and very dog friendly. For some reason the boys love it there.

Max and Paddy were shattered, how many miles they walked will remain a mystery, but they loved it. Every night they just crashed snoring away ( is there a better sound?) but equally raring to go the next day.
I really miss the cottage, we were all sad to leave, it's one place where I could actually sleep. Y
You know what it's like, strange bed, house etc. It's such a beautifully clean quirky place to stay. If your looking to stay in a busy town centre with oodles of nightlife it's probably not for you. But if you want to kick back, forget the world and make some memories with your family, try it. 

It's also worth pointing out that Lakelovers don't  charge extra for dogs!