Puppy training

Five weeks we've been graced with the presence of Harry. It feels like much longer, I'm aging by at least five weeks everyday! Do not rush into getting a puppy if you're not 100% certain it's for you. They are really hard work, yes they are cute, but they need a lot of human interaction. I'm so looking forward to the light and drier nights! It's no wonder Harry has big feet, he's developed them to stop him sinking in the water logged ground!

Harry's training is coming on well. He's learned that food is good. Treats are better. 
His recall to whistle is just about there and he'll now sit for you to put his lead on. He can lie down and he can bite a lot. In fact he can chew really well too. Everything on the floor is his. 
His jelly legs seem to have grown today. It's funny because puppies just grow out of proportion, one day they just go long, the next time you look at them their ears have turned into banana plant leaves. You leave the room and they seem to grow in height and so it goes on.

Harry has also developed 'The Stare'. This is when they come and sit in front of you, unblinking for ages. You take him out for a toilet, he comes back in and assumes the position. You check water bowls are full. He assume the position. and on it goes. Paddy is the world leader in staring. Well he can stare until he falls asleep standing, it's quite a spectacle and also unnerving!

Yesterday Harry learned to coordinate his legs to achieve Mach one. Incredible speed but the brakes just aren't quite there yet, it's work in progress so he tells me.  He's also learned how to jump from a sitting position onto my lap, fairly sure that Paddy has had a paw in showing him this. He does this  not out of affection but after you've eaten,  You think he's being all cutesy only to find he wants to sniff your face to see what was on the menu.

For exercise Harry gets 10-15 minutes snuffling around woodland or chasing Paddy, he's soon learned that Max isn't the runner (unless of course you are rabbit shaped then look out) so Paddy gets the full attention. We do carry him, he's 10kg and fairly solid so anyone wants to join a Harry Carry please feel free!
We are also introducing him into the town centre although it did take us 1 hr 40 mins to get there on Sunday, we only got to the Moot Hall (normally a five minute walk). It seems Harry has become a bit of a magnet! Also if you do see us out and about please feel free to come and say hello, we always try to accommodate and the boys enjoy a fuss.

I've had a few questions about Harry swimming. Harry will go into the water when he wants to, it'll be his at his own choice and pace, it's what we did with Paddy. Max and Paddy don't normally swim at this time of year as it is cold, that's my choice not theirs. We've had one or two mild days where they've 'fell in' (Paddy especially falls in a lot) but only if we've got the van handy for drying and heating. We just need it to get warmer.

We've got some more walks and events in the pipe line. We'll be at Crufts Saturday 9th March.
The 17th of August will be Max's birthday walk and on the 18th August  we'll be at Castle Howard for BBC Countryfile Live