Prince Harry of Winterfells

Today I bumped into someone with them laughing at me and suggesting I'd be changing Harry's name due to the goings on in the news. Why? Why would you say that to anyone and why would we even think it? So angry........I walked away  

I dont do politics as my very first employer once told me 'Never talk about politics or religion and you'll never have an argument'  that phrase has stuck with me all these years and to some extent it rings true.

The way I see it life is all about choices.

We all choose who we vote for, what car we drive, what job we do. I choose to have three dogs, to live in the lakes and to do what we do. Walking up hills in all weathers, not everyone's cup of tea but I love it. My choice.

We forget what Prince William and Prince Harry live very different lives to us. 
Imagine what they have been through and how much they do for our country. The press and news can only speculate their future. If the HRH Duke and Duchess of Sussex choose to live in Canada, so be it, if they want to live their lives differently let them. After all it's their choice.

I have nothing but great admiration for Prince William, he is after all our future King.
I'd love to shake Prince Harry's hand for what he has done helping raise the plight of wounded armed services personnel with his Invictus Games and many other projects and charities.
Both the princes have talked openly about Mental Health issues, raising awareness of this illness and no doubt helping so many others open up to this disease.

Whether you like the royal family or not, its your choice. I hope Harry, Meghan and Archie are very happy with their choice and wish them every happiness.

I'm so proud to have our own Prince Harry and extremely proud of his namesake, no we definitely wont be changing his name!