Paddy, training, treats and gentleman bits

 When I meet people out on the trails around Keswick I always get the inevitable statement of  'You have two Springers, are you completly mad?' In return looking at them I hear myself say automatically (a pleading glance at Paddy to behave) 'Well err Max is actually a role model for the all of the canine world. Max has a calming effect on all that meet him, he's quiet, perfeclty mannered, very friendly, well natured, never chewed a thing, loves meeting people and you'd never know he was in the house. Max is now teaching Paddy 'by way of the master'  how to be another 'perfect example' to be the nicest dog man could own'. As I'm saying this Paddy as if to agree the point that I am crazy, will be bored don't forget we've stopped for more than a nanosecond, Paddy will be trying to chew his way through my leg or decide paw prints are the must have accessory for August and be busily and fully occupied in arranging his unique diplay on my trousers or Tshirt 

At time of writing Paddy is six and a half months old and weighed in at 19.1kgs on Tuesday. We get the 'Isn't he big' and 'He's going to be a big lad' comments daily, yes he's enormous, especially when he jumps in your face. Want to try it?  Paddy hasn't quite mastered launch control, judging of distances aren't his speciallity either. He will sit and look at me sat in my armchair from around two metres away, then the next minute he's wrapped around your neck like a tightly wrapped Pashmina. To be fair he is such a good dog when he's asleep. I suppose opposites attract, Max is perfection, the pinnacle of the dog world, Paddy has along way to go. Ok he's just a puppy so we forgive him.

Paddy's quest is to be a new Marvel comics super hero character  'Destructadog'.  His global domination in eradication of the squeaky toy community and human shoe sector must soon reach its pinnacle, either that or we look to buy a shoe shop. There must be a toy that exists in this universe that can better this beast? When I hear myself ask,  when will this daily routine of picking up toy stuffing, bits of faux fur, and odd ear or leg of dissmembered flat rabbit, when will it end?

Paddy's parents were working dogs, they say Spaniels have soft mouths. Try giving Paddy one of his Orijen treats and you risk losing sevral digits. He is just starting to understand that punctured skin, flowing blood does not warrant another treat. I hear my wife screaming 'nicely' at the top of her voice as she once again she risks a trip to A&E in giving Paddy a tasty treat. Max on the other hand will gently nuzzle our hand, look at you with his huge hazel pool deep eyes and take the treat off  you as if it were a precious stone. Work in progress withPaddy watch this space..... 

Alas and I save this to the end of writing for fear you may be eating or in good company: Paddy has discovered his 'gentlemans package' and this has become his new favourite sport. I can guarantee he will commence 'Operation dont hold back' when in company. This new game (Not pay per view thank you) is to give said area a throuroughly good and vigourous cleaning at the most impromtu time or place. I dont know if you've ever heard the sound of a drain unblocking or try if you can imagine the highly muli amplified sound of a straw sucking the last out of a milk shake glass? Yes thats the one. Paddy seems to think that its what everyone wants to hear, when we're eating is a topical favourite. Hopefully I'd like to think this 'new area' of eploration and cleanliness will pass with the coming months. Although come to think of it Max likes to keep on top of his 'personal' hygiene too.