New Pup on the block

It's a big thing giving a name to your dog, one that is befitting, a name that he or she will live up to and one that matches their character perhaps?

Max has been my king of the lakes, my savior and the light in many peoples lives. Paddy Padawan joined us as his apprentice and has taken to his role faster than a 50p charity shop toy can be destroyed. We are immensely proud of them both, what they have become and what they do for so many.

Ironic really that our new puppy's eyes opened on his naming day, hopefully he will see so much in his life, he may be small but has all the world to grow into and we will do all we can to make sure he is loved and part of the family.

There was only one choice really in naming Paddy's brother.

We've given him a name of a Prince who has inspired many thousands of people across the globe young and old.
Our pup will be named after a man who, after many years spoke openly about his depression and mental health issues, a man who has helped and inspired thousands of wounded servicemen and women suffering from PTSD, that they should be given the respect that they deserve, to enable them to lead fulfilling lives post recovery, through Help for Heroes and the Invictus Games program.
When married he chose several charities who would benefit from donations from around the world, one being Scotty's Little Soldiers. a man I would very much like to meet and shake his hand.

Our pup will be named after Prince Harry. Could our little pup inspire just one person to talk openly about depression, or give pain relief to someone he meets even just for a few minutes, if he makes one lonely person smile and feel wanted, what if he inspires one child to put down his phone and get outdoors to create a real life changing adventure?

Our own little Prince Harry will join us in January 2019 and he will lead an amazing life here in the Lake District. Living life to the full as every dog should, loved and cared for.

We thank you all for the hundreds of name suggestions including Luke Fell Walker, Spaniel Mcspaniel Face, Taxi and many many others. Both Prince William and Prince Harry had cameo roles as Storm Troopers The Last Jedi. (Prince) Harry it is then.