Harry finally gets his handle

It seems ages ago since we started to register Harry with the Kennel Club. We had hundreds of suggestions for a name and we wanted something that would give meaning to where he will spend a great deal of his life, exploring, promoting the outdoors and to help conserving the beautiful landscape of the Lake District. 

Our original name we had for Harry was part taken and made no sense on his original papers. After a phone call to KC they advised on how to apply to change his name (and also pay again). They were very helpful though. A quick download from their website and a sixty mile round trip to get a piece of paper signed from Harry's breeder to say we were changing his name. Sorted.
Return home, put precious paper on the table to find a pen that spells, only to find Harry had partially eaten it. Was this a sign?
My life is about six weeks behind, this is not what I need right now, nothing seems to be easy!

Finally a new name chosen, phoned KC, checked on KC website to make sure it was all okay, papers eventually filled in and finally we received notification yesterday that Harry is now officially and proudly registered with the Kennel club.

May we present for you:

Prince Harry of Winter Fells.

Prince Harry - after his royal name sake 

Winter -  14th January the depth of winter (that's when he became ours)

Fells  as this is where we love to be - A fell (from Old Norse fell,  Fjall "mountain") is a high and barren landscape feature, such as a mountain range or moor-covered hills.