Godzilla lives

Rate my weight..... 

Eleven weeks old and it feels like Harry has been here for months, let alone three weeks.
There’s nothing cuter on this earth than a puppy and Harry was certainly at the front of the queue when it came to dishing out the looks. He looks at you with the blue eyes and you just melt. You do however stop melting and freeze when his teeth bites a part of your anatomy or his honed razor sharpened claws slice down your face, leaving fine slices Mr Wharburton would be proud of. Or when your back is screaming into submission when carrying him on a four mile walk!
I’m not going to lie, I love food and so it would seem does Godzilla (aka Harry).

The day he arrived in Keswick, three weeks and three days ago, Harry weighed in at healthy 4.74kg. As Harry was born on a Monday we will weigh him weekly every Monday. It’s a great way to get him used to the vets and also to monitor his growth rate. Today Harry is  a very lovable and chunky 7.75kg and growing very fast! Just over three kilo increase in three weeks.

We are always asked what our boys are fed on and I know there are various raw diets, wet feed etc out there but this works for us.
So Harry is fed on Acana Puppy and Junior (same as Paddy was) he's on around 80 grams three times per day, it’s a kibble (why does that word make me smile?) so a complete dry feed in normal language. The whole litter of nine pups were fed Puppy and Junior from three weeks old. Harry looks amazing. He has the softest glossiest coat and looks so healthy. When asked about the feed we use, people will say ‘ooh but that’s expensive’, actually it’s not. It’s costing under a £1 per day for Harry’s feed, take into account the quality ingredients which when I read them sound much better than what we eat ourselves! Made up mainly of chicken and fish and eggs, it’s a high protein diet and he loves it. So too does Paddy! Someone has been caught several times helping himself the puppy feed which is kept under the stairs, Paddy is also quite adept at a commando raid on Harry’s feed dish too, creeping silently like a ninja, trying to slither by using his stealth skills whilst utilising his natural surroundings. Hard to do when you are 25kgs and don’t quite blend into the wooden floor!

Feeding time at the zoo can be difficult when three dogs are on three different types of food. Max gets Acana Prairie Poultry and Paddy being slightly more ‘energetic’ should we say, gets the Sports and Agility to maintain his high energy requirements!

Feeding is like a military operation. Max and Paddy are fed separately from Harry as Harry has this habit of trying to fit into Max’s feed bowl. Not a good move believe me. Harry also likes to check what Paddy is eating, he feels his big brother should share, believe it or not Paddy let’s him. Three feeds measured out, scoop the pup up M&P get their food in the kitchen Harry fed in the dining room. It’s then like watching the great escape as Harry makes a bid for Paddy’s bowl and so it goes on........