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For all dog associated things that we use or would recommend to our friends

Firstly we get asked all the time what we feed our dogs, there is only one food of choice for our boys....

Image result for acana logoAcana UK & Ireland the pet food choice of Max, Paddy and Harry  

We think this is ideal for our dogs and you can find out why right here http://www.acanapetfoods.co.uk/about-acana/

We use Acana Puppy and Junior for Harry, he's been fed it from day one (the results speak for themselves) Harry is thriving on Puppy and Junior, he's  now on twice a day feeding and loves it!

For more information click the link  http://www.acanapetfoods.co.uk/dog-food/acana-heritage/puppy-junior/ ACANA Puppy  Junior

Paddy is such and energetic dog. After speaking with Jenny the Bern Pet Foods nutritionist we decided a high energy diet was the way forward. Tracking Paddy with a Garmin GPS tracker on one of our recent hilltop adventures, I walked 8.9m Paddy did nearly 25! His top speed was 27.9mph, mine was considerably slower.

For more details click the link http://www.acanapetfoods.co.uk/dog-food/acana-heritage/sport-agility/ ACANA Sports  Agility

Harry made the transition onto 'Prairie Poultry' at 9 months old. We love the fact that its wheat and grain free, his eyes are bright and his coat shines. Harry has a curious nature, is big boy at around 25kgs and loves dinner time

http://www.acanapetfoods.co.uk/dog-food/acana-classics/prairie-poultry/  Prairie Poultry

For more information click here http://www.acanapetfoods.co.uk/dog-food/acana-heri...

Acana Uk and Ireland give great nutritional advice and you can contact them on  44 (0)1737 767679 or email sales@bernpetfoods.co.uk

Tell them Max and Paddy sent you!